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Tools & Integrations for the Sustainable Impact

We want to help everyone act resource-wisely and reduce their environmental impact so that we can together tackle the climate change. By working together, we can achieve less waste, less emissions, less energy consumption, and more impact.

Data management is not just about gathering data and having it in one place. You must see and prove the impact of your sustainability actions backed up with real data. With EnerKey API, you have the ability, to combine your resource data even more comprehensively and automate your manual work.

With automated and integrated resource data, you open the door to the advanced features of EnerKey SaaS. That leads to increased productivity in automating your manual processes even more and the possibility to use artificial intelligence to find energy saving potentials and to reduce your emissions.

All we need is less.

EnerKey API

Our modern application programming interface (Restful Data API) generates hourly or monthly data from EnerKey’s energy meters, thereby enabling our customers to combine their consumption data with other data sources. In addition, your consumption alarms set in EnerKey SaaS, can be also utilized in your own processes through EnerKey API. Both the API and EnerKey’s consumption data are also available to third parties that have been authorised by our customers.

As a new development of EnerKey API, our customers have now the ability to push data into EnerKey SaaS. Our standardised interface enables our customers to combine different sources of resource data, making the impact of energy efficiency and sustainability actions even more visible.

No more waiting our development to get your data integrated to EnerKey SaaS, as through our software development partners, our customers can have the API data integrations done fast and ready to run effortlessly. Please contact us at www.enerkey.com/contact to learn more.

A technical description of the EnerKey API can be found here

All we need is less