EnerKey API


EnerKey API is a interface that enables you to access your EnerKey SaaS data using 3rd party application. This service can be enabled by EnerKey service desk.

  • REST API: Widely used and easy integration

  • JSON format: standard file format and data interchange format

To learn more about EnerKey SaaS, visit www.enerkey.com 


The REST API identifies 3rd party application using API key authorization. An application must pass EnerKey API key in all requests as request header Authorization field.

API key is unique and it's granted per EnerKey profile or EnerKey tenant. There are two API keys per profile and the keys have validity dates. Two key mechanism makes a key renewing possible while the application uses the other key.

Rate limit

The rate limit boundaries for each API key are 20 requests in 10 seconds. Daily limit is 3000 requests in 24 hours or 7 * facility count of profile, depending which is higher. If the request doesn't get rate limited then the X-Rate-Limit header shows number of calls available in 24h period.

Date format

Supported timestamp formats:

  • UTC format, e.g 2017-01-01T00:00:00Z,

  • Time zone format, e.g 2017-01-01T00:00:00+02:00.

API response is in the requested format. In request timestamps should be URL encoded.

API root and documentation

API root address is https://api.enerkey.com

API description (this text) and endpoint descriptions can be found in https://developer.enerkey.com

Getting started

Steps to start using

  • As an existing EnerKey SaaS customer contact service desk to enable API service for your profile

  • EnerKey services will create a key and make needed configurations

  • You get an API key that you will need to access EnerKey API

  • Implement a service/function/etc. in your system to access EnerKey via API

  • Start using


In case you have any questions regarding API please contact our support. We are also happy to provide you a trusted partner if you need technical help to implement integration to EnerKey API.


API content


Get and update energy management actions in EnerKey. Updating EnerKey action requires an identifier that need to be get before update.

Before calling update user is required to fetch the current value of 'action' object from EnerKey by calling Get API function. Modifications are done to received 'action' object that is sent back to EnerKey via Update method. Values of 'action' object are saved as they are, hence replacing any previous value in EnerKey system.

Authorization is profile wide.


Get information and properties of facilities in EnerKey.

Authorization is profile wide.


Get consumption and facility information per facility in picture format. Supported file formats "png" and "pdf". Custom colors can be defined.

Authorization is profile wide.


Get meter information and properties in EnerKey.

Authorization is profile wide.


Get quantities ie type of consumption available in EnerKey

Authorization is profile wide.


EnerKey values endpoints enables you to push measurement data into EnerKey SaaS. This service can be enabled by EnerKey service desk.

  • Straightforward content: timestamp and value

  • Support for both consumption and cumulative readings

There are two alternative endpoints

  1. PushConsumptionsForMeter: for meters that measure consumption 

  2. PushCumulativeReadingsForMeter: for meters that measure cumulative readings

Data resolution is hourly. Multiple values for same hour are summed. 

  • API accepts data for 365 days at a time.

  • Data for one meter can be sent at in one message.

  • Unit of data is meter default in EnerKey. Please check units in EnerKey help.

Authorization is profile wide.


Autoprovisioning endpoints for updating customer, facility and meter info. Used only for partner customers.

Authorization is tenant wide.